Ask yourself these questions...NEW!

  • Do you feel you spend too much on your online advertising with no real results ?
  • Do you get plenty of website traffic, but with none, or very few, turned into real leads ?
  • Do you feel that too many Customers are "idea-shopping" without leaving their details ?
  • Are you finding the excessive costs of competitive keywords on search engines restrictive with more campaigns?

How does it work?

As a simple enhancement to your existing website, Click-Converter places itself into the Customer "shoes" and explores the human natures of emotions, the wish "to buy, not be sold" and curiosity.

Unlike any other price engines on the market today, Click-Converter is integrated into your website. This eliminates the need for any further capital investment on your part, and also keeps you in complete control of your customers information.

With a (one-off) minimal change to your website (we provide full/simple instructions for your web designer), nothing further is required of you. Let Click-Converter manage the flow of leads into your Inbox.

Click here to see it working on this site now, and get an immediate idea of how your website will look once you have followed our simple instructions. The pop-up window that you see mimics precisely how the service operates on your site.

So, you're up and running...

Once your website has been configured, and your trial has begun (or you have extended an existing service), then we will keep you notified of any payments due.

Payment is recommended before the end of this period, to ensure that your Click Converter service remains un-interrupted.

How do I get more leads? will convert your website traffic or internet marketing campaigns into real leads - by capturing customer contact details (discretely and professionally) and sending the details directly to you.

For each inquiry on your website, you will receive an email with details of your leads contact details, and particular subject of interest. Show me what the emails would look like.

Is it really that simple ?

YES !! Without any other hidden or surprise charges, Click-Converter will manage your leads for you, meaning you can manage your budgets easily.

You are not paying per lead. Which means you are not having to pay for "wasted" Customer information if they choose to enter it on the site. So, whether you get 10 leads in one day, or 100 leads, the cost to you remains the same.

We are so confident that it will be successful for your business, that we are prepared to give you a 28-day, no-obligation, FREE trial period. Click here to register now.

After you have registered, we will send you full instructions on how to integrate Click-Converter onto your site - it takes a matter of minutes.

What will it cost me ?

Pay NOTHING during your 28-day trial period.

We have kept the cost of the Click Converter service as low as possible. We want to make it attractive for you.

Payable in a lump sum at any time during a trial period, or during an active service. Any additional payments made will extend the length of any existing service currently in place.

If one of your website visitors turns into a genuine lead, and subsequently a paying Client of yours, then you will immediately see the return on your investment.

Payment information is sent via your registration confirmation.


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